Apparitions are manifestations of a spirit or entity. Apparitions can have many different forms from a small orb to a full real looking person just like you and I or even just a large shadow figure. These various apparitions we see have different types or categories which are listed below. Residual...


Orbs are considered to be small balls of light that most paranormal investigators associate as an apparition or a manifestation of a spirit. These orbs can vary in size, brightness, visibility and even color. There are actually specific meanings to the color of an orb which are listed below. Clear...

Paranormal Investigation: EVP and Ghost Box Session

Here is a video of an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session using a simple audio recorder as well as a ghost box in order to gather auditory evidence during a paranormal investigation.  

Ghost Hunting Television Shows

Here is a list of three well-known ghost hunting television shows. Ghost Adventures 2. Ghost Hunters 3. Paranormal Lockdown

Michaela J. Petrusevski

Hello! My name is Michaela Petrusevski, I am a student at Moraine Valley Community College currently going for three certifications as well as a associates degree. I am also a freelance video editor and writer, I do some of my writing and even video editing under a pen name as...